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Saturday, January 23, 2016

I was off work anyway today and this week-end, but with the snow and potential ice that is coming my work closed.  So I am catching on the emails (what I always seem to be doing) and sharing what I think will be interesting with you.  I will also have day 7 of Our Washington Trip pictures.

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Day 7 Washington Trip June 30th

     I had a lot of firsts this day.  We went to Leavenworth, because it seemed like it would be interesting.  It is nice if you are in the area.  What I liked best is that we went horseback riding ( I have never done before) it was awesome, but we got really dusty.  Then we decided to go tubing.  We had the best time and thank you Trip Advisor.  We planned this Washington vacation with only 2 things that we really wanted to do.  We flew into Spokane so that we could visit where my husband grew up and see the preacher that he had as a child.  The second we were to fly out of Seattle and the last few days we were to stay with my father-in-law's friend that he has had since he was little.  So we rented a car to drive from Spokane to Seattle and just find things to do in between.  We flew in on 6/24, which was a Wednesday and then we wanted to go to church on Sunday.  So we stayed in Spokane until Monday morning.  We weren't scheduled to be in the Seattle area until July 6th or 7th and we flew home on the 11th,  So I googled Washington a lot from home and then we had Waze on our phone (doesn't work when you don't have service or get into Canada so buy a map as well), we also had Trip Advisor to help us find restaurants and fun things to do.

This is the horse I wanted, I ended up getting one a lot bigger :)

Day 5 and 6 of Our Washington (Area) Trip and Maybe Some Quick Links

Monday, January 18, 2016

Here are some pictures of Day 5 and 6 of Our Washington Trip.  Day 5 was on a Sunday.  We didn't do too much.  We went to church and out to eat, then back to the hotel for my husband to take a nap and for me to enjoy plenty of time in the pool, which I pretty much had to myself. Day 6 was on Monday when we left Spokane and ventured West.

Heading to church, I love those trees.

A picture of a car at the restaurant where we ate (Dickeys BBQ Pit, the food was pretty good and reasonably priced.)

This is the pool area at The Econo Lodge, Spokane.  This was one of my favorite hotels that we stayed at.  

Day 6 Headed West....

I didn't realize how different many areas of Washington are from each other.  We went from lots of mountains and green trees to almost feeling like we were in the desert.  As we headed to Wenatchee, where we booked the next hotel, my father-in-law called and said that there had been a fire (or there still was a fire) in Wenatchee.  I called and they said that everything was fine where we were going to be staying.  Below are some of the picture on the way there.  As I said I felt like we were in the desert compared to all of the green we had been seeing.

If you look closely that kind of looks like a sandstorm, only needed tumbleweeds to go passing by.

So you know where we are.

Starting to look prettier.

I thought these mountains were interesting looking.

This is beautiful.

See why I felt like we were going into the desert?

I love the mountains, the clouds, and the green.   I wish I could paint.

We were heading into Wenatchee here, you can see the smoke up in the distance, where had I taken us?

Here is a closer look, where they have the road blocked off.

We reached our hotel and I got settled in.  Tomorrow we were off to Leavenworth, Washington.  The whole reason that we went to Wenatchee to begin with.

Links to Share and Day 4 of Our Washington Trip

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Links to Share....
  • From TravelZoo Top 50 Most Instagrammed Places in the US (By State).  NC was the PNC Music Pavilion.  What was your state's?
  • Enter to win a $25 AMC giftcard from  Today (1/18/16) only.
That's all I have for today, I gotta go wash some clothes.  I am not really a BIG football fan.  My knowledge is that I am married into a Dolphins/Hurricanes loving family so I will cheer for them.  I live in NC so Go Panthers/Keep Pounding,(that's what they say, the company I work for sends out stickers that have that on it) for when they aren't playing the Dolphins and then I cheer for whatever team Peyton Manning is on, just because he seems like a good guy.  If you follow football you know that the Panthers won today and now really....I am streaming the Broncos/Steelers game.  I am hoping the Broncos win.  My son may be proud (he is a super football fan, he could tell you anything and everything you want to know about football) maybe or he may call me a bandwagon fan.  I just like to hear/see how excited everyone is getting.  I guess when everyone around you is so excited it wears off on you.

Here is Day 4 of Our Washington Trip (Idaho and Montana)....Enjoy

Ok I know I get excited over little things, that's what makes me awesome.  A new state to save I have been to :)  I love Potatoes, tried to get my husband to go to the Potato Museum, he wasn't having any of that.

We stopped at the rest area for a little while.  Traffic was horrendous, but they did have people selling homemade goods.  Think brownies and cookies :)

I think this was the beginning of my "love" of the rest stops.  We had to pretty much stop at everyone that we saw.  I had to check the weather :)

I took pictures of so many mountains and I'm not going to lie to you.  I thought maybe I could name them, but I don't have a clue the name of all of the mountains we saw.  I do thank God for giving me the simplicity of being able to view such things with so much awe.

Looking at these pictures I feel like we were on a National Lampoons Vacation :)

Almost in Canada.  You think I was excited about a new state?  A new country I was super excited and a big ditz.  The border crossing guy asked why we were going to Canada (sometimes I shouldn't be allowed to talk) I was just like to say I have been there :)  Who knew later in the trip we decided to go there and stay for a few days.  Granted it was in a different part of Canada.  After we crossed the border I kind of new why he asked.  There was nothing for miles. So we stopped on the side of the road and I checked the weather again and took more pictures.

Sorry about the pictures, I was driving and my husband was not that impressed.  You remember me telling you that he grew up in Washington.

So we have been to Europe, but officially I have never driven in another country,  I started having a panic attack.  I was like kms, what?  Also it was a rental car, remember I wasn't sure if we were allowed to take it out of the country.

This is as far as we went.  A place on the side of the road with a trashcan.  Also a Bear beware sign, thank God it wasn't dark yet I would have really been freaking out.

I just actually read this sign, see they know that tourists (that would be me) come across the border and this is usually as far as they get....a couple of miles down the road.

History lesson

We did go to Montana, ate lunch and bought a map.  Really though I didn't take any pictures? We were going to go to Glacier Park, but it was getting late and we weren't as close as we thought we were.  We had to get back to Spokane because we had church the next morning.  One of the main reason I wanted to come to Washington is because my husband always spoke fondly of the preacher that he had growing up.  I wanted to meet this man that he compared all preachers to and hear his sermon.  For the record I was not disappointed.

Better pictures, I am still driving, but my dear husband helped me out.

An eagle's nest

We did eat at a restaurant (thank you Trip Advisor. don't leave home without it.  It's the best app for vacations)in Couer d' Alene( I didn't know how to pronounce so my husband said to say quarter lane fast),  Capone's Pub and Grill  Idaho and I did have a burger and Idaho (they probably came from another state, but I can say I ate potatoes in Idaho) french fries.  The food was pretty good and the staff was friendly.  It was a Saturday night and they were pretty busy.  Also thank goodness for Waze (much better than my GPS and google maps), didn't get us lost.

Links to Click and Day 3 of The Washington Trip

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Hi Everyone!  I hope that you had a Wonderful Saturday.  Mine was pretty good.  I worked for the most part of it.  Then went to Bojangles to get some dinner, it sucks when some restaurants (or employees) just don't really care.  Anyway, I went to QT (Quik Trip, if you don't have one in your town, when you do you will Love It), they have pellet type ice, which I am addicted to, so I usually stop by there a few times a week.  If only they sold bags of pellet ice, I may be in heaven.  Instead I just get two huge cups for a quarter a piece.  Now I am settled checking the ole emails and getting ready to share.....

  • InTouch Weekly Contests-pretty easy enter email once and for each contest answer a couple of questions.
  • Woman-The Destiny Tour (Asheville, NC) and Dinner $70.99 and if you use Ebates you get 10% cash back.  I would love to see them, but I can't bring myself to pay that much for a ticket and a deal. If you have never heard of Celtic Woman click the link and listen for yourself, it is beautiful.  So peaceful.  One day I will move to Scotland.
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Here are the Washington Pictures from Day 3 June 26th

Not a great picture,but look at this old Arby's sign

Old European Breakfast House (This place was amazing, great food, great atmosphere.
We picked this out because I love anything different and European.
 If you are ever in the area this is a must have place to go)

We had to pick Washington Cherries (bellyache and too many cherries, but good and fun)

Decided to just go driving, I think this is the day we ended up at the Cave

That could be my house one day, even though it is probably covered with snow at the moment.

Ok, so we took a wrong turn and ended up on some back road and I was getting a little worried,
but of course I had to take pictures...never too worried for that.


Had to throw this pic in here so you know where we were.

Walking down into Gardner Cave, if you have any kind of health problems, that would hinder you from walking hills (up or down) I would not recommend this.  Even though it was amazing.

This is the opening of the cave

Also it is a little chilly even in the middle of Summer I would bring a light jacket

We had a good time, it was a long drive from Spokane and apparently there are certain hours that they have the tours.  I would check before you go.  Remember that park pass I suggested you buying in the other post?  This would've come in handy here.  You have to pay $10 and I was lucky that I had my checkbook with me.  No exact change and there wasn't an office there, only a lockbox to drop money.  They did cash my out of state check though :)

Next of course will be day 4.....6/27


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