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Thursday, October 10, 2013

     Hi All!  It's starting to feel like Fall here in the Carolinas.   My son had a soccer game tonight and Yay he got a goal.  So of course we celebrated with his favorite, Moe's.  Now we're home, he's in bed, husband is on the phone, clothes are in the dryer and I am on here doing what?  Catching up on all my emails.  Now that I have caught up on all the emails that come straight to my inbox I am catching up on the ones that go to their own special folders.  One of my favorite emails that I get daily (of course I never have the time to read it daily because it is like an addiction.  He always has some many good, legit free things) is from JFS (Just Free Stuff).  The point of all my rambling is in one of the emails he posted about October being Vision Awareness month.  I had no clue, but someone sent him some links to places that can help you get free eyeglasses.  I think this is awesome, I have always heard about the Lion's club, but there is another link they posted for Vision USA.  I went reading up on it, because my mom really needs to get some new glasses, I am thankful that I have vision insurance through my job, but she doesn't have any that covers eye exams with glasses, so this may be good for her.  Since that is the case I thought I would share it with you all also.  Thanks James and Teresa for posting this.  If you get a free minute go check out his site, you will want to sign up for his newsletter also because he always ads these types of helpful information in them from his readers and also posts a not so useless fact of the day along with freebies.  I posted his button at the top of my page, just click on it and it should take you right to it.  I'm going to end this post because it's getting late and I've gotta work in the morning.  I may start a new post, but I want to get this one finished first, just in case I fall asleep doing surveys.

It's Amazing

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Copied from Google Images (I would not be rushing to answer the phone, if you know me then you know i just let it ring)

It's amazing, whenever I have the least amount of time to do something and I am rushed, that is when I usually have the time to catch up on my emails, blogging, surveys etc.  I guess when I am not on a time crunch I become very lazy.  I'm pretty sure that means when I get old enough I probably shouldn't retire :0)

Join Me at

So anyway, I am doing what I always do when I post to my guessed it I am reading emails.  I have been doing this thing (because I love multi-tasking) called Hit Predictor while I am doing everything else (which reminds me I need to go put some clothes in the wash ,mhow I am reminded about that from Hit Predictor I don't know, but whatever works) and I want to share it with you.  You listen to music, some good and some bad then you rate it.  You get points and you can trade in for things or win gift cards.  I haven't won anything or received anything yet, but I thought you may like it.  Ok going to put the clothes in the wash, hopefully I will be back and my ADD won't side track me.

Ok so I started to go downstairs to do laundry and my ADD attacked also named Katie ;0)  She knocked on the door and I have been hanging out with her and her boys since.  Needless to say I did get clothes in the wash and the dryer, but so much for catching up on the emails and blogging.  I hope to catch up again later.  Going to church in the morning and then to the grocery for my mom after, so maybe I will be back tomorrow, and maybe it will be another month.  We will wait and see.......

Catching Up

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Copied from Google Images

Hi All!

Catching up as always.  So of course I am going to share some sites for freebies and sign ups with you.

  • Join Me at  You can listen to music, rate it and trade points in.  Just started it, but it seems pretty interesting.
  • Reading all of my JustFreeStuff emails, if you haven't subscribed to this (seriously) you need to.  He usually won't post anything that makes you pay money.
  • Get 4 free months of Professional Photographer magazine.
  • If you're going to shop online, you should earn money or points for doing it.  I hardly ever buy anything online without going through one of these sites first.
               *Ebates- You can earn a percentage back off what you                                  buy and sometimes they have coupons or discounts, they will send                you a check.
               *My Points-This is my favorite, but I can't do a referral                                  link on this it has to be emailed.
               *Big Crumbs- I haven't tried this one yet, just signed                                    up.  It is supposed to be like Ebates though.  I know there are                      more, I will add later.

Links to Contests and Freebies

Monday, July 22, 2013

This is a picture I took in Edinburgh (You know I'm still missing Scotland)

Hi All!  I am on vacation this week so I am helping my hubby get caught up on school work and thought I would update my blog a little bit.  As that goes I am going to link some things here that I find interesting and hopefully you will also.  You aren't going to believe some of the things I have been trying to help my husband with in concerns to his school work.  We had to create a web site using HTML.  So I know I have this blog and everything, but someone else created it, I just added my bits and pieces here and there.  I have so much respect for people that create these from scratch.  I don't see how you can remember all of the codes and how much to space.  Glad I like what I do, don't plan on going back to school.  Maybe take some classes here and there for my work, I will leave the schooling to my husband and son.  Oh yeah, that Spanish class I was doing for school....didn't work so well.  I may have to actually take that in a class so that I can learn how to pronounce the words etc.  Now I am going to go find some good deals and I will link them here for everyone :0)

Going to go help with Access and Excel, maybe I will learn a thing or two.  Until next time.......................

Happy Fourth of July

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Copied from Google images

Happy Fourth of July to you and your family

The Extra List: Top 6 Best Tony Soprano Moments |

Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Extra List: Top 6 Best Tony Soprano Moments |

What I Have Been Doing Lately.................

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

     .Onto what I have been doing lately......

  • I have been working (that's a given).  
  • Going to church, finally found a great one where I fit in and everyone feels like family.  My son and I moved our membership over to this new church a couple of months ago.  
  • Got into a wreck (everyone is fine) a month ago.  The poor PT Cruiser was totaled and so was the other girls car.  She pulled right into me then drove her car to the grass on the other side of the rode, got out with her car in drive and it drove itself down a hill, through a parking lot and hit a tree.  Thank God it was on a Sunday so most things were closed and there weren't any cars in the parking lot.  She looked at me after she jumped out of the car, there wasn't anything I could do, the frame was pushed back so I couldn't even open the doors.  Again we were both fine...thank God for that also.  Her insurance was awesome though, she has Nationwide.  They called be the next day and it was a holiday (Memorial Day).  Got me in a rental car, which I was in for 3 weeks.  They paid me a pretty good price for the piece of crap  PT Cruiser that I owned (paid it off last year).  I got me an older car, easier to work on and cheaper, 1997 Honda Accord.  Since I paid a really good price for it I went and had a bluetooth radio ( my husband got me a really good deal at this place that he knew people) put in so that I can talk on the phone through my speakers.  The rental I had, 2012 Ford Focus, had that and I fell in love with it.  I also got beep, beep ( key-less entry) put on it for a good price too.  You know the small things in life and all.  They were going to sell me a radio with a two year warranty.  I told them that would be great but the car would probably kill over before the radio.  I hope not, but I don't have the best of luck with cars.
  • My husband started school he is going to be a computer programmer, but one of the classes he is taking (which I am learning a lot from) has how to make a website with HTML and everything, so maybe I can learn a lot and start doing more with my blog. 
  • On the phone that I got iPhone 4 (don't remember if I mentioned it before, but I got a really, really good deal from this girl that I work with) my friend got me addicted to Instagram, so I take a lot of pictures and post them.  Another iPhone addiction along with Candy Crush and the million other games that I play on it.
I guess that's about it for now, I have been doing more, but that gets you caught up a little bit so that later when I post and start rambling about this one time,remember when, you will actually know what the heck I'm talking about.  That's it for now, as usual I am catching up on my email so maybe I will post some awesome things that I find.


OK so me learning Spanish is not going so well.  I just realized that was the last thing that I posted on here was about me trying to learn Spanish.  Then of course I saw that I had comments and one was from someone that gave me to link Spanish4Parents.  I am going to check it out and see if it helps me.  Being "country" with my southern twang doesn't help too much, but we will see.  There is always the app that I have on my phone (Google Translate) until I learn :0)

  • Ohh I have only tried a small part of Spanish4Parents, but I am loving it.  Finally helping me to actually pronounce the words.  Thank you Alan.  I will let you all know how it goes.

Now I am going to do a separate post with what I have been doing lately.


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