One of The Things I Got For Christmas....A Fitbit

Sunday, January 2, 2011


Copied image from The Fitbit Website

    I'm not sure which website I saw this on originally (If it was you let me know and I will give you credit), but I saw it and I had to research it.  My husband says that I collect pedometer, and I probably do.  You can never find a good one, so if have to keep trying.  I did find a good one once, but it was so big I ended up breaking it by accident.  It was the one that you buy for the Nintendo DS  My Weight Loss Coach.  I didn't really use the "game"  it wasn't that good, but I loved the pedometer, it actually tracker the steps correctly.  
     Back to why I originally started this post, I saw the FitBit and I had to have it.  I was going to wait until I got extra money to buy it, but then I was like why don't I ask for it for Christmas.  So I did and my wonderful, thoughtful husband got it for me.  I love it, you can wear it many different ways, but I was reading about it and it stated that some woman wear it on their bra.  So I tried that first to see how I would like it and it does wonderful.  You can also wear it at night to track your sleep.  You type on your Fitbit tracker page what time you laid down to go to bed and what time you got out of bed and it will calculate how many times you woke up.  So you can see if you really had a good nights rest or not.  You also can enter to foods you have eaten throughout the day and it will calculate the calories.  If it doesn't have the food that you have eaten you can always add it.  You will have to search the calories yourself, but you can always google it. You have a journal that you can write in and you can also track your activities.  It also has a base that you hook up to your computer to be able to charge it, but the battery lasts a pretty long time.  If you are inactive while you are near the base and your computer is on it will automatically take the info and add to your site.  There is also a flower that grows on your fitbit so that you can see how well you are doing and there is a button on the fitbit so that you can check your steps and information throughout the day.  I love my fitbit so far.  I have only been using it since Christmas, and I don't have any complaints with it.  If I start to have any issues with it I will be sure and let everyone know.  

                                          Update on my FitBit

2/21/2011:  I have had my FitBit for a couple of months now, and I still love it.  The bettery stays charged forever.  I also love how it comes with an armband type holder and another holder that you can hook to your pants.  I wear scrubs to work so I actually just attach the FitBit to my scrubs and it hasn't fallen off even one time.  When I first start using it I read somewhere that you could hook it to the middle of your bra, but it wasn't tracking steps very well.  I love how it keeps track of how much sleep I actually get.  When I used to use pedometers before if I didn't write down the total amount each day then it was usually lost or combined with the next day.  With the FitBit it will link up with my computer and keep track.  I think this is probably one of the best inventions for people addicted to pedometers (I know this is way more than just a pedometer) as I am.  It is worth every penny.

I did not receive any compensation or anything for doing this review.  I wanted to share my opinion of this product with everyone so you could see if you would like it also.


Susan said...

Landed here through Twitter and your post about the fitbit.

I love my fitbit. I haven't used the sleep tracker for two nights and it sucks, but aside from that i think it's awesome.

They have a lot of support through the community groups if you haven't joined any of those yet - check them out!

I haven't gone to work yet since I got mine for Christmas as well - so I've only been using it at home. Tomorrow I go back and I'm anxious to see how well or poorly I do when I'm at work.

Good luck and enjoy :)

Pam said...

Thanks for linking up with us from MFM


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